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Come visit us @ Kaos Skate Store Clydeview Shopping Centre, Blantyre, Glasgow G72 0QD

RX 23 - Ladies in line recreational skate Blank,spirit,2016,rainbow,neochrome,bmx,bike Blazer Pro: Fork Platinum Zero Offset - Black
SFR : RX 23 - Ladies
Kaos Price: £69.00
Blank : Spirit 2016 - Rainbow
Kaos Price: £369.00
Riedell: 1375 Gold Star boot bladerunner,inline,skates,rollerblades,formula,82 MGP,VX5,Extreme,2015,Scooter,alloy,chrome
Blank,Buddy,16",2016,bmx,bike Sacrifice,Flyte,115,Complete,Scooter,white,green,black
Apex : Infinity Forks - Blue
Kaos Price: £109.00
Blank : Buddy 16" 2016
Kaos Price: £229.00
Razors sl2 white aggressive skate Blank,Hustla,18",2016,bmx,bike Blunt : Soul Bars - Trans Red 600
Razors : SL2
Kaos Price: £199.00
Blank : Hustla 18" 2016
Kaos Price: £239.00

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