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Trim to fit any figure skate blade. Always use guards when off the ice. Rubber mats around rinks frequently are dirty and gritty and walking without guards can dull edges quickly. Keep your guards clean by flushing them with water periodically. Don't store your skates with guards on. Trapped water can rust your blades. Use Soakers for protecting your blades when stored.

Fruit scented blade guards from Guardog: Anything else is a mutt!

- Completely adjustable.

- Fits most types of figure skate blades.

Skate guards are essential equipment for protecting your blades while walking off the ice, and the Top Notch guards from Guardog are also really fun! Choose your favorite color and color style - glittery "Glitz" colors, Pearly "Pearlz" colors, almost translucent "Gelz" colors, or Solid Black or White. For even more fun, find the listings for the scented Mintz, Swirlz, or Cotton Candyz versions or the Chameleonz version that change color when they get cold! The guards are made to fit most figure skate blades and some hockey blades anywhere from 6 inches to 12+ inches long - simply use the included sizing chart to mark and cut the guards as short as you need them to leave a small gap between the two pieces of the guard. The included springs hold the guards securely in place while you walk, and make it easy to put them on and take them off quickly. Sold in pairs. Made in Canada.
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Designed to protect your blades from rust by absorbing moisture when you have finished skating and to keep your hands safe too!

Sequin design with absorbent terry cloth lining.

Super Furry and super cute!
Soft Paws furry figure skate blade covers will keep your blades moisture free in style!